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Burning fat vs burning calories

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First of all let’s explain what the body fat is. Without body fat our bodies can even break down the muscles what can make our bodies feel way more tired or even weak. for woman maintaining a minimum of body fat percentage is between 10 to 13 percent and 2 to 5 percent for men.

To lose weight and reach the effect that you want to reach is a must to have a good diet and do exercises reguraly to burn calories. It is also a good idea to know what are your weight loss goals.

When does your body start burning fat instead of just burning calories?

That situation can happen only one way. You need to understand how your body works at the time when you get physical activity. Your body needs energy. Where can it get access to energy stored? The first place where it reaches is your available calories. Only then it reaches to energy from stored fat. Also, the stored fat is the place where you want to help to get your body access.

The difference between burning fat and burning calories is that when your body burns only calories, you will not see any positive changes even after a few months of training. And when your body finally gets access to stored energy, you will start to lose body fat. Available calories are insufficient to burn body fat. Only then you will start to notice small changes in your body.

Let’s talk for example about aerobic exercise, before it goes to burning fat it has got many stages. You probably heard before from many people that burning fat won’t happen durning first 10 minutes of exercise but it is a lie, its not true that in those 10 first minutes you will only lose sugar. Well that can happen but when you are doing low intensity exercise. Remeber that even if you will reach this stage of burning fat it doesnt mean you will stay there, it depends on if you move at pace which is right for your body.

6 strength training exercises you should try out

There are six strength training exercises that you should try out:

  1. Goblet squat,
  2. Thruster squats,
  3. Plank Rows,
  4. Overhead Tricep Extencions,
  5. Hammer Curls,
  6. Dumbbel Row.

Strength training and bulding those muscles are very important part of keeping you fit lifestyle.

How to actually lose weight?

Maybe you are the person who has just started exercising in order to lose weight or maybe you are now looking for the answer to the question: how to lose body fat? How to get ride of recently consumed calories? Or maybe you are looking for some kind of diet that has got fewer calories in your food than you used to have before or even maybe you want to know how to burn more calories than you are already or maybe you just want to know something about calorie intake. There are several factors that contribute to the answer.

Weight with a measuring tape

The first thing that you have to do is just change your diet. You probably knew that. But when you will not consume fewer calories than you actually burn, you will not get lean. That is the easiest and at the same time the hardest thing to maintain in order to lose more fat. You just have to eat less. It can be hurting, but you know it is true. So change your diet and it will couse the weight loss.

You have already known what is the difference between burning calories and burning fat. So, if you apply the right diet to your life, there will stay only one thing to do. That is – to get to know what exercises you can do to start burning fat. Below, you can read about the ways how the high intensity exercise can help you lose excess calories and access energy stored.

How to lose fat without losing muscles?

If you have muscles mass it will help you burn fat even faster than normally. It is shown by studies that quick weight loss result is ven more accompanying muscle loss than gradual weight loss.

That is the motivation to stop focusing on burning calories and start focousing on those beautiful muscles. Don’t be scared to have more muscle even your body will look better with them!

If you ever were wondering if ypu could lose one pound a day, here is your answer. To lose one pound you have to achieve a calorie deficit of body weight. It is possible to lose one pound a day if you will limit your food intake a little bit and increase the activity thaat you already had.

What is the best method to burn body fat?

The truth is that you are not able to lose excessive kilos from your body without being in a fat burning zone. It is necessary that your heart must be in the zone where you are constantly changing up the intensity of your physical effort. The purpose of that is to spike your heart rate. Why? Because of the fact that when you do that on training, your metabolism will be accelerated up to twenty four hours after it.

You may be wondering now what does it mans so, it means that you will burn fat the whole next day without actually an effort.

Are you thinking now about the best method to find yourself in such a zone? Experts say that one of the easiest ways for getting into that fat burning stage is to start doing ‘High Intensity Interval Training’ (HIIT). It does not conern only lifting weights. Sometimes you just have to change your exercise program and get more physical activity in order to allow your body to consume more energy.

How can you do that? Try skipping for 20 seconds as fast as possible, followed by 30 seconds of a slower pace. That is not the only way, but experts say that this is one of the best ways to lose body fat. Losing weight is hard. However, losing weight is also satisfying.

What is the water weight?

Water weight sometimes is called edema. Very often it can couse bloating in the belly or gas so that can make you feel uncomfortable.

There are few way’s to lose water weight first you can reduce sodium intake. You can also drink more water, Reduce carbohydrates intake, use suplements or water pill and of course exercise.

What is in a fat cells?

Fat is often seen as our enemy, we always want to get rid of it. We are counting how many calories we can eat durning the day just to be slim but without fat people would not move we could just freez without it.

Anatomy of fat cells, under the microscope it looks like bulging tiny spheres they are bulit like each and every other cell but the difference is in their bulk. It is made up of droplets of stored triglycerides and each of them consists of three fatty-acid molecules attached to single glycerol molecule.

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