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Discover your origins by simple DNA test

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Have you ever wonder where you come from? We are living in the world where everything is possible. We have the technology that helps us to find out a lot about this where we come from or who we are related to. You can have your DNA tested and this could give you an interesting outcome.

How accurate is DNA testing for ancestry?

Are you up to finding some more informations about your ancestry? If so, you for sure want to find out how accurate are DNA tests when it comes to this. At first it is very important to know that we are living in the world where technology in advanced level. When we made that clear you should know that an accuracy rate of those tests rate of over 99% for each marker that is tested.

Types of DNA tests

If you are considering DNA tests you should know a little about those tests. There are three main types of DNA tests on the market which are:

  • Y-chromosome,
  • Mitochondrial,
  • Autosomal.

You should also know that each of those test are going to give you different kind of informations.

Types of DNA test samples

That’s right there are couple of types of DNA samples. The most common samples types are:

  • blood,
  • oral or buccal swab,
  • plucked hairs like for example head or pubic.

Importance of genetic tests

There are couple of companies that are working with genetic tests to help human beings to find out where they come from, but also who their ancestors are as well as what races they are mixed.

You should know that DNA test won’t tell you where each family member of yours lived, but you will be able to find out how much of their DNA you have inherited. An interesting fact is this that siblings can get different kind of reports from DNA ancestry services even if they are sharing the same relatives in 100%.

There are many companies that are into this kind of business. A very good example of such companies could be an European company called Ancestrum. This company is in fact leading in the field of genetic tests focused on discovering the origins of human beings.

They are giving their clients opportunity to choose from 7 different ancestry products. Those ancestry products are:

  • Ethnic Ancestry – thanks to this DNA test you will be able to find out which ethnic groups you are mostly related to according to your historical orgins,
  • Maternal Haplogroup – this kind of DNA test is done to create a map of the evolution of the maternal lineage that comes back to the “mitochondrial Eve” which is first recorded mitochondrial haplogroup,
  • Historic Ancestry – this DNA test do the magic when it comes to telling people what are the geographical areas to which your ancestors are related to,
  • Geographic Ancestry – this DNA tests is able to tell you in which geographical regions your ancestors were settled,
  • Neoanderthal Ancetry – this DNA test is ging to give you a look at this how much your ancestors could have mixed with Neanderthals,
  • Celebrity DNA Matching – thanks to this DNA test you can find out with which famous people in the history you could be sharing our maternal or lineage,
  • Paternal Haplogroup – this DNA test is very much similar to maternal ancestry however it is all about analysing Y-chromosome that shows up only in males.


It is very important to do DNA tests focused on discovering the origins of human beings.We are able to find out more about our ancestors and what comes after this about ourselves too. These tests could be very important for people who are dealing with different health problems and other kind of issues.

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