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Does gallbladder removal affect weight gain?

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The gall bladder is tiny organ that looks kinda like pear and is located under the liver. Gallblandder removal surgery is standard procedure. After this surgery patient can notice weight fluctuations. However it is less comman for people to get weight loss after this surgery than gaining weight.

Weight gain after gallbladder removal

‌Gallbladder removal surgery is a common procedure that is considered to be very safe. Laparoscopic surgery is way easier than traditional surgery and it is actually the most reccomended surgical procedure to withdraw the gallbladder. Still, there can be some side effects and risks as with any medical surgery. Post gallbladder surgery patient mightsee that they gained weight after having gallbladder removed but as it is said above it is more comment gain weight than lose it.

Are you curious of possible causes of weight gain after Gallbladder surgery? so here they are:

  • Hormone Imbalance- there are few hormones involved in the functioning of gallbladder, they can lose their balance with gall bladder removed which can couse several sides effects.
  • Metabolic changes,
  • Faulty fat digestion,
  • Poor Diet – eating to much fat food which can lead to discomfort,
  • Inflammation – it effects on hormone called Leptin which is hormone responsible for weight so it can lead to grown appetite and slowing metabolism wchich can take a toll on your body weight.

Weight loss after gallbladder removal

Gallblandder removal surgery usually safe but It is quite obvious to lose weight after gall bladder removal. The weight loss is being observed as one of sides effects of gallbladder being removed. First of all lose weight after this kind of surgery isn’t any different from other kind of lose weight after surgeries. But instead of making your mind up to weight lose you should maitain a healthy lifestyle. Which meand you should have balanced diet and do exercises as your doc told you to.

What is gallbladder?

As it is said by the Southlake General Surgery gallbladder stores bile that helps liver to digest food. After getting galbladder removal, your body still produces bile but it is not stored in the gallbladder, it moves into digestive system. This leads to diarrhea or freuqent stools, which may cause weight fluctations.

Post gallbladder surgery care, what about fatty foods?

A healthy diet and exercise are the safest ways to maintain weight after gallbladder removal. Prefention of lose weight include special, healthy diet. It means, changing eating habits, unfortunately for many of us. Gallbladder helps your body to digest fat and as soon as you do not have this help anymore, the best option is to focus on eliminating fatty foods, especially fried foods and include low fat diet. At the start it is hard for your digestive system to digest fatty food.

Once the body adapts, after few weeks or months, you can add some fats in your diet, more known as healthy fats. Our body needs fats to maintain healthy weight. Green vegetables are the basics. Well balanced diet includes high fiber foods. Fiber supports your digestion, this kind of support your body needs after surgery. You should increase your fiber intake. You can find fiber in whole grains, brown rice, brown pasta. Eliminating empty calories from sugars and fats such as candy and beverages is another step, worth doing. Spicy foods should also be put aside, at least for few months after surgery.

What about digesting fatty foods after gallbladder removal, sounds like a good question huh? In general it is for best to avoid fatty food. It will not make any serious health problems if you will eat some fatty foods but in can make you have lots of painfull gas, abdominal pain or even diarrhea.

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Lean meats or meat alternatives after having your gallbladder removed?

If you are a person that loves meat and can’t imagine your live without it the diet after gallbladder is removed can be frightening for you. But dont worry you dont have to become an vegetarian you can have meat like:

  1. chicken breast,
  2. turkey,
  3. salmon,
  4. trout,
  5. herring,
  6. white fish like cod and halibut,
  7. legumes,
  8. tofu.

bland diet

When you are getting better after the surgery you had gone through, you may not tolerate spicy or rich food so your normal diet can be set aside . That is why you may be following a bland diet which also means having fewer calories than you had normally.

Weight management after gallbladder removal

Healthful diet after surgery is very important so Iif you wondered about what eating habbits you should have after this kind of surgery here you have few ideas. For sure u should be avoiding fatty, greasy and friend food, spicy food isn’t good here either. If you are a coffee loved you should limit the intake of it. You should also eat smaller portions. What is also very imoirtant you are supposed to increasing fiber intake slowly.

Regular exercising and and how to lose weight after gallbladder removal

Lose weight after gallbladder removal is very common, doctors reccomend rescovalence time to prefent future complications after surgery. After your body adjusts to new situation, you should include physical activity to keep healthy lifestyle. Yoga, swimming, biking, walking are excellent choices. Those light-weight activities have wonderful impact on your body and mind!

Regular exercise does not mean rapid weight loss. Actually you might not lose weight at all. It all depends on your food intake. You can change your calorie intake, add more calories to prevent losing weight.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I had this kind of surgery and thanks to it I knew many things I didn’t know before. I didn’t know that I have to stop eating fat food.

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