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Lemon side effects

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Lemon consumption is highly recommended due to its health benefits. Everyone knows that drinking lemon water supports the immune system and gut health. Lemon like other citrus fruits supports weight loss. Lemon water is beneficial for the human body due to fiber, potassium, and vitamin C content. Drinking lemon juice for a lot of us means the beginning of the day. However, the question is if drinking lemon water has any side effects? Is it possible to ‘overdose’ this citrus fruit?

Let’s take a look.

Health benefits of citrus fruits

Among citrus fruits, lemons are the most popular. If you need a refreshing drink, grab a glass of lemon water! Looking for an extra dose of vitamin C? Lemons are waiting!

Source of vitamin C

It’s good to know that one lemon juice contains 18 mg of vitamin C, while for reference, adults need about 100 mg of this vitamin. To meet your daily need of this essential nutrient, add to your diet other fruits. Maybe orange juice?

Citric acid

Lemon like other citrus fruits, contains citric acid. Research says that half a cup of lemon juice provides about the same amount of citric acid as a pharmacological therapy.

Study suggests that those who are at higher risk of developing kidney stones should drink more lemon water. What is more, lemon juice can be an alternative to potassium citrate in the treatment of urinary calcium stones. So if you want to avoid kidney stones, be sure to drink lemon juice or other citrus fruits juice as well.


While consuming soft drinks made of citrus fruits, remember to drink plenty of plain water. It’s essential to prevent kidney stones.

Preventing dehydration

Lemon is a source of many electrolytes and vitamins. By putting lemon wedges to plain water, you will provide to your body with electrolytes and the proper amount of water.


If you order lemon water at the restaurant and you see employees handling lemons with bare hands, better squeeze lemon juice into water. This will help you to avoid germs.

Lemons for your skin health

Lemon juice contains vitamin C, which helps reduce skin damage and premature aging. Lemon peels provide natural hydration for skin. Lemon can lighten dark spots and reduce acne. Add to your facial cream lemon skins. This will kill unpleasant germs.

Side effects of drinking lemon juice

Acid reflux

The acidic nature of lemons can easily upset stomach. Medical research says that quite a large consumption of highly acidic foods can cause heartburn known as acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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Gastroesophageal reflux disease

Acid reflux happens when the digestive juices in the stomach move back up to the esophagus in a process called reflux. GERD is usually triggered by spicy and acidic products such as lemons. If you are diagnosed with GERD, don’t drink lemon water.

A prospective randomized study says that drinking lemon water on an empty stomach can trigger GERD symptoms.

Peptic ulcers

Health conditions such as peptic ulcers appear when the lining of the stomach is corroded by acidic digestive juices. Since a peptic ulcer is caused by digestive juices, consuming lemon water would only escalate the problem.

It can worsen canker sores

A canker sore is the most common type of mouth ulcer. If you develop canker sores, it’s recommended to stop eating citrus fruits and drinking lemon water. Due to medical associations citric acid can worsen canker sores. If you notice canker sores in your mouth, stop consuming lemon water and get professional medical advice.

Tooth decay and tooth enamel

American Dental Association says that acid food and too much lemon water can cause enamel erosion. Weakened enamel is also a leading cause of tooth sensitivity. Direct acid exposure to your teeth is the first step to decay tooth enamel. American Dental Association claims that if you want to enjoy the health benefits of lemon, drink diluted lemon juice.

Frequent urination.

One of the side effects of drinking too much lemon water is frequent urination. It is a good way to detoxify the human body, but also the easiest way to flush out excess amounts of electrolytes.

Adverse effects for your skin

Remember to use lemon and vitamin C cosmetics wisely. Lemon is highly acidic and can cause side effects like irritation or allergic reaction. Frequent exposure of skin to the sun can cause sunburn.

Lemons can give you a headache!

Study says that lemon and other citrus contain natural monoamine – tyramine, which causes headaches.

Lemon water’s wide range benefits

Although lemon water has a wide range of benefits, too large amount of it can be harmful. In some cases like canker sores, tooth decay or tooth enamel, it is better to totally ditch lemon water. Healthy subjects to avoid side effects of lemon also should drink lemon water wisely. A perfect dosage of lemons doesn’t exist. It depends on the user’s age, health, diet and other factors. Anecdotal evidence says it’s safe for healthy subjects to drink a glass of lemon water per day.

However, plain water always is the safest choice.

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  1. I love drinking lemon water, mostly at summer time. I never heard before that lemons can give me headaches. Now I know why my head used to hurt so much sometimes.

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