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What are the ingredients of tea?

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Tea is next to the coffee one of the most commonly consumed drink in the world. In many countries, drinking tea is a special ritual, for example, in Asia. On the other hand, for some people tea is just an addition to regular meal. No matter how or when you drink tea – it is actually a very healthy drink!

What types of tea are available?

In the past, only tea leaves could be bought. They were very expensive, so tea was a common mark of luxury and high social status. People usually used porcelain cups and kettles for brewing tea. Drinking tea was definitely a special ritual available only for the rich ones. Nowadays, we can still buy tea leaves from all over the world. It is one of the most appreciated forms of tea.

But not only tea leaves can be brewed. A raspberry leaf adds fresh and fruity taste and it is perfect for the cold summer tea. Iced tea can easily replace sweet fizzy drinks. Tea can be bought almost everywhere now what makes its prices quite low. However, if you wish to drink some of the finest tea, you must be prepared to pay much more for the freshly blended one.

Although we usually buy tea bags, we can still try some real luxury. One of the most appreciated tea blends is Darjeeling tea. This kind of tea blend is made of camellia sinensis plant. It is believed to be the best Indian tea with the taste of Muscat and golden colour of infusion.

For some tea experts, tea bags are not classified as real tea. It is also widely discussed how many times the same tea leaves can be used. It probably depends on how strong infusion you wish to prepare. If you prefer delicate and subtle flavor, rather use herbal tea, white tea or green tea instead of the strong black one.

Asia is usually associated with tea, especially India. However, you can also find some tea types in East Africa. They are not very popular, because Africa is mostly known for its coffee blend.

A brand new version of tea, which should be rather labelled as a dessert, is bubble tea. It is cold tea or even iced one with fruit, mint and jelly or other sweeteners. It is sweet and does not have any healthy influence proved. There are not natural tea leaves, but the extract only.

Black tea

Black tea is for most of us casual everyday tea. It has strong flavor and tastes great with any kind of breakfast. We often mix it with something sweet – most frequently sugar.

Black tea use to have stronger taste, which can be smoothed with a dose of milk. Black tea leaves are a product of camellia sinensis plant scrubs. This tea has the highest level of caffeine. One of the most famous black tea is undoubtedly Indian Assam tea. It is cultivated in Assam, a region in India. Assam tea is often drunk with food. Feel free to add some fruit to black tea – it will taste delicious with for example fresh berries. Assam tea is actually one of the most well-known types of tea across the world.

White tea

White tea is made of very young, almost not fully grown camellia sinensis plant. It has very delicate taste and therefore, it is preferred by those who dislike a typical black tea taste. Tea plant is cut off at the stage where it has only buds.

Green tea

Green leaves are mostly appreciated for their quasi medical purposes. It has been proved that green tea is useful during the process of losing weight. It also helps to heal minor digestive system problems. Green tea is also full of amino acids, which are proven to have a very positive influence on both immune and mental health.

Green tea – other forms

Green tea is often sold as cold drinks – iced tea. Unfortunately, they are usually full of sugar and preservatives that are not healthy. Therefore, it is still better to choose a regular cup of green tea with for example, some fruit.

Green tea extract is frequently added to many supplements, especially those that are applied to lose weight. You can also add some green tea extract to your food, for instance, yoghurt.

Red tea

Read tea is simply a product of tea leaves fermentation. This gives the red tea a specific spicy taste. It can be served with both ginger root and honey to boost the spicy flavor.

Red tea is completely opposite to the white tea, where the fermentation process is minimal.

Flavors of tea

You can now buy tea that tastes like fruits, cookies or even cola. Although they can seem to be super tasty, remember to read the list of tea ingredients. If you want natural fruit flavor in your cup, simply add your favourite fruit along with boiling water. You can also boost the taste with fresh mint leaves. They are perfect match for iced tea. Ginger root can not only change the taste of tea, but it also has an influence on your digestive system.

Some of the tea rooms produce their own tea blends with registered trademark. It is their secret what makes the tea taste so special and unusual. It can be due to mixing blend and herbs or the way of brewing.

Tea can have enriched blend by adding into it, for example, a lemon verbena, which is a herbal tea with health benefits such as antiviral, stomach issues and anti-depressant.

The tea flavor can be also changed by the brewing process. Each type of tea blend has its own rules of brewing.


Herbal tea has been used since ages because of its health benefits. It was used to heal not only digestive tract, but also for mental issues. Some types of herbs help those, who suffer from insomnia, menopause or even anxiety. Herbal tea with cranberry, which is full of vitamin C and a spoon of honey, is perfect for your immune system.

Herbal infusions taste the best during cold and rainy autumn evenings. You can actually use any dried herbs to prepare your favourite own tea. Herbs can be mixed with white tea, black tea and green tea.

Herb tea, which is perfectly known by parents, is definitely chamomile tea. It is served for stomach issues and as a drink during the day. Also, it can be served with food, fruit or anything that your kids like. It will be usually something sweet.

In order to reduce daily or occasional stress, it is recommended to try valerian root. It has been known for ages for its calming influence. It can be mixed with fruit or any juice of your favourite flavor.

Yerba mate

Yerba mate has for sure the highest level of caffeine from among all the tea. It comes from South America and is produced with the use of Ilex holly species dried leaves. It is usually served hot with a metal stick for sipping. However, you can find bottled cold yerba mate in numerous markets.

Cup of a yerba mate being hold in hand

Oolong tea

What is oolong tea? This is something between black tea and green tea. It consists of both black tea and green tea leaves. Oolong tea is an own tea produced in China. Tea plant is dried in the hot sun before putting it in the tea box.

What tea ingredients are healthy?

Tea consists of flavonoids, catechins, theanine and caffeine. A cup of tea can be therefore compared to a cup of coffee. It can bust your mood and give you a dose of morning energy. On the other hand, if you avoid caffeine due to health issues, you can still buy caffeine-free tea.

What is worth to remember, you should wait before adding lemon to your tea! Very hot water annihilates vitamin C in lemon. Remember then to add fresh ingredients such as fruits full of vitamin C to warm, not hot infusion.

How often can I drink tea?

Basically, you can drink tea every single day, but remember not to overdose it. Tea ingredients can be actually toxic if they are overdosed. Even very healthy green tea can cause some stomach problems if it is drunk too often.

Cocoa shells tea – what is it?

Cocoa shells tea is full of magnesium and therefore, it supports your heart. This tea is naturally caffeine-free, but it also has other stimulants. The infusion is ready after 10 minutes of brewing.

Holy basil

This is a tea commonly used in Ayurveda. It is proven to heal airways and breathing problems. It can help with sore throat – it will ease the pain as well as help you swallow and eat. This herb tea has a kind of pepper taste, so you can add some fresh mint leaves or honey.

Rose plant

This is another plant, which is used for preparing tea. It also has a healing influence, especially for stomach and menstruation issues. In addition, rose tea smells very nice, similar to a bouquet of fresh roses. It has delicate flavor and bright colour.

Slippery elm bark

It is used to produce both tea and supplements. It comes from the United States and Canada, where the special kind of elms grows. They are mostly helpful with bowels issues to to their slippery consistency.

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