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What is the difference between a PPC agency and a freelance marketer?

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There comes a point in every company’s life when it may no longer be able to figure out and carry out marketing tasks on its own, or it may need to make quick, tangible changes. At that point, it’s worth thinking about what’s worth outsourcing, where you’re not getting results and what you can afford to spend.

At present, companies are in a position where they can use complete agencies or freelancers. However, this decision requires careful consideration. If you are a company manager or a decision-maker in this area, the following points will help you.

What is the difference between a PPC agency and a freelancer?

For those who know English, the term PPC is not unfamiliar, it means “pay per click”. In the online marketing world, this business model is already used in many areas. The difference with Facebook Ads is that you are not billed per click, but per impression.

The agency’s team, which covers the full range of PPC options (e.g. Facebook Ads audit service), is made up of a number of specialists and is driven by the common goal of combining their skills and expertise to provide a professional service to the clients who contract with them.

In contrast, a freelancer is a single person who focuses on a particular area of online marketing and meets the needs of only those in his or her field of expertise. The choice between the two is a matter of deciding what criteria a PPC agency or freelancer should meet.

Should you ultimately decide to entrust a full service agency to build your campaign management, Selector Digital Marketing Agency’s PPC team is available to you on a number of business guidelines.

Who is more experienced?

Freelance marketers usually decide to stand on their own two feet and work with their own clients after several years of working in the same field. This means that they have considerable experience in their own field. Conversely, if you ask him for help in other directions, he may not be able to take your case forward.

A PPC agency, because it works with a good number of professionals from different disciplines, has a wide range of experience. You may not get to know all the members of the team personally, but you can be sure that if it turns out that you need to row your company’s boat in a different direction, they will be able to help you!

How sure are you of your availability?

With a freelancer, you can be sure that the same person will always pick up the phone and answer emails. However, if for some reason he or she is unavailable, there is no one to replace him or her. This is not the case with an agency, where a direct contact, the Account Manager, ensures a smooth connection between you and the team members working on your campaign.

Whatever you decide, the important thing is that the company or professional you choose makes your campaign a success!

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