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What is the optimal body fat norm?

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Nowadays, more and more people are interested in nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Society overall have a better approach for sport activities and multivitamin diet than people who lived a few years ago, but we still struggle with too higher fat accumulation and abnormal body weight. What is the reason? And how we can control, whether we have a normal body weight?

We will talk little about preferred body weight, fat, and muscle percentage. However, we also would like to look deeper on different types of body fat calculators and body fat charts – they are perfect, or maybe make any difficulties? We cordially invite you to read carefully our article!

Obviously you must remember the fact, that people are truly variety. In the fact, they have really different body types, diverse eating habits and contrasting environment.

It’s very important to notice the differences know own body well and finding the most convenient way for us to be in health! Now let’s get into it.

Fat and muscle – definition

If we are talking about body composition, you have to know something about the two most common in your body structures. The first one is fat. Fat is a natural oily substance occurring in animal bodies. In the other words, without body, essential fat mammals can’t function well, since this substance help us to having a stability temperature and give us energy.

We have two basics categories of essential fat: subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Subcutaneous fat is visible just under the skin. Visceral fat, on the other hand, is located around abdominal organs. You probably have a question: how much fat I need in my body mass? We don’t have one, clear answer. There are some factors, like your age group, physiological differences and the level of the lean mass. Muscle is a band or bundle of fibrous tissue in a human or animal body that  has the ability to contract, producing movement in or maintaining the  position of parts of the body.

Body fat percentage chart. What do you have to know?

Track your progress and overall health! Body fat percentage chart is useful to measure body fat. If you would like to check your body composition, measuring body fat percentage was created for you! Measure your fat with body mass index. How can you do this? Is easier than you think! Some means, that allow you to check body composition and fat, are expensive.

The other method is to measure body fat with special calipers. This method is cheap and easy, but explore only the subcutaneous fat.

Body fat percentages. Average woman

Typical woman has 25-31 fat percentage in the body composition. The essential fat: 10-13%. Low body fat level, belly fat and too visceral fat – both are real threat. If you are such a active person, you’re probably following categories special for fitness and your body mass index is around 21-24%.

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Measuring body fat percentage will be necessary to check your essential fat, lean mass and visceral fat.

Average man

Men also can use body fat percentage charts. Essential fat: 10 isn’t actually for them, because women need more fat for some reasons. For men the best option is 2-5% fat in body mass. Body fat calculator showed, that fitness people have body mass between 14 and 17 percentage of fat and the ideal body fat percentage level is 18-24%.

Good news for everyone!

Result of measure body fat percentage don’t pleasure you? Eating healthy, exercise, optimal fat in diet, be patient about your muscle mass and following ranges of important measure to weight loss and body weight.

Other methods. BMI

If you need to weight loss, you probably use bmi tools. Bmi tools aren’t a perfect body fat percentage chart. They don’t include water weight and muscle mass. Be focus on measurable body fat percentage chart.

Body weight

Body fat percentage chart are better than measure really often body weight. Why? Measure body weight or other method like that, for instance waist circumference, working similarly to BMI and give you the same results. Stop measure waist circumference, body weight!

The most important thing is how much fat do you need to have? What is the best way to track your progress and check the overall health, body weight? Our article don’t provide medical advice.

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  1. I always thought that BMI is this the one and only way to check if your weight is right. Thanks to this wonderful article I know much more. Thank you very much this is just awesome job done here.

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